We provide a classic car restoration service. So if you have a classic sitting in the garage un-loved or you have lost heart in restoring it, contact us. We can help you get that classic back on the road for less money than you may think.

MGF Headlight re-chroming?

MGF's often fail the MOT on headlight output due to deterioration of the chrome on the main beam. We can offer a re-chroming service at half the price of replacement new units!

Hydragas suspension

We now have the capability to pump your hydragas suspension to the correct height. Contact us if you need this service.

MGF or TF head gasket failure?

Is your MG over heating? It could be head gasket or water pump failure. We offer a full repair service for all K series engines. Contact us if you would like more information.

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We always aim to keep our costs as low as possible and provide you with the best possible service.

Costs will vary depending on the make and model of car and the work involved. The prices below are indicative of costs for work on MGF's and MGTF's. 

Please contact us if you would like a quote.

General servicing and repair work.

  • MOT - £55
  • Hydragas suspension pump up - £50.
  • Cambelt change (includes new water pump and tensioner) - £295
  • Headgasket replacement (MLS head gasket set, new cambelt, tensioner, water pump, oil, oil filter, air filter and cylinder head stretch bolts) - £450
  • Re-commission after period of SORN / winter layup. Check over and prep for MOT - £155
  • Key fob programming and supply of new fob - £150
  • Rear window replacement - Supply and fit new soft top window - £250
  • Short service - £150
  • Full service - £195

Specialist engine services

  • Cylinder head port and polish. Work includes strip, clean and rebuild. Skim, re-face valves, cut valve seats and re-assembly - £500. 
  • Head skim - £70
  • Cylinder head hardness test - £25.

Classic Car Restorations

  • We can provide you with costs to have your car restored or re-commissioned after a long period of non use or SORN.
  • See our Repairs and restoration page for more details or contact us for a quote.